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第173期《100毛》雜誌專訪 ​有關催眠、繪畫心理及解夢
第173期《100毛》雜誌專訪 ​有關催眠、繪畫心理及解夢
第173期《100毛》雜誌專訪 ​有關催眠、繪畫心理及解夢
第173期《100毛》雜誌專訪 ​有關催眠、繪畫心理及解夢

No.173Expect"100Mao magazine interview

​ About hypnosis, painting psychology and dream interpretation

第173期《100毛》雜誌專訪 ​有關催眠、繪畫心理及解夢
第173期《100毛》雜誌專訪 ​有關催眠、繪畫心理及解夢

Ye Yunyan Faye

(Women's World Table Tennis Champion)


Ye won the mixed doubles championship at the 2016 World Table Tennis Championships. In 2004, she was introduced by a friend to seek guidance from the Hong Kong team star Au Zhiwei, and won the Hong Kong Women's Snooker Open Championship in less than two months. Later, he was selected as the "Most Promising Athlete in Hong Kong" and the champion of the 2010 Asian Games table tennis team. In just a few decades, he has grown from amateur to professional with extraordinary strength.


Behind the sweat of every athlete, there is tremendous pressure, but Ye has always maintained a positive attitude to face and overcome every hurdle. She has never been in contact with hypnosis, and she is curious about hypnosis. After several times of hypnosis by the hypnotist in our center, she felt that hypnosis is faster and more effective than traditional counseling. Yeh affirmed the effect of hypnosis on improving psychological quality and enhancing self-confidence. She also believed that hypnosis is a kind of self-release and Fang Song A method to help adjust emotions and thoughts, and keep yourself in the best state.


(For Ye Yunyan's personal resume, please refer to the news of major newspapers. The information of the person concerned belongs to the center and himself, and shall not be reproduced)


Anthony Kwok

(Cleaning Company Proprietor)


After graduating from university, he worked in an accounting company for many years. Later, he decided to take over the cleaning company that his father had run for 30 years. Under great pressure and doubting his own abilities, he slowly lost confidence. Afterwards, he suffered from insomnia more often, felt pressured and unable to vent, and his work efficiency deteriorated.


Anthony accepted the center's counseling and hypnotherapy services under the introduction of other students of the association, and discussed with the center the most suitable intervention method. During the hypnosis process with Anthony, the hypnotist tried to introduce different strengthening instructions into Anthony's subconscious, so as to rebuild his self-confidence and build self-affirmation. After about two months of hypnotic intervention, Anthony finally got back on track and improved his work efficiency.


Anthony is now able to bring better performance to the company. He also completed the PBH and NBH applied hypnotherapy courses in March 2020, hoping to use hypnosis knowledge to help his family, employees and friends around him.


(The information of the parties is owned by the Center and shall not be reproduced)

Jason Kam

(Resident Social Worker)


Jason Kam

(Resident Social Worker)

Jason completed the NGH Registered Hypnotherapist Course as early as January 2016, and then advanced to the Hypnotherapist Course, and has maintained good contact with the center so far.

The first time I came into contact with hypnosis was during the internship. I witnessed a senior social worker counseling a college student who had lost a loved one. I was deeply impressed by the hypnotic techniques and effects used in it. I was quite shocked, and finally learned that he was attending classes at HPHI Learn hypnosis, so come to learn. In fact, after more than 800 hours of internship in the college and three or four years of college career, I have never been exposed to the concept of hypnosis.After completing the hypnotist course, I realized that hypnosis can also be regarded as a kind of counseling technique, and some principles can actually be combined with what I have learned to complement each other. This course also lays a solid and good foundation for students who want to join the counseling industry.At the application level, hypnosis is a counseling technique that can be widely used, ranging from general interviews to sessions and treatment plans. All in all, hypnosis is a fairly simple, fast and effective psychological counseling technique.

(The information of the parties is owned by the Center and shall not be reproduced)














King’s College London(倫敦國王學院)
MSc Psychology & Neuroscience of Mental Health
英國 IBCCES 藝術治療執行師
美國 CTAA 色彩治療師

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