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Did you communicate with yourself today?
​Looking at the mirror, how much do I actually know about myself?

-About us-

There are very few professional hypnosis institutions. The center was founded in 2013 by a group of social workers, psychotherapists, psychologists, doctoral supervisors, etc. Over the years, it has been with many like-minded people to discuss the feasibility of hypnosis in Hong Kong. Many students also started related hypnosis careers after graduation to jointly promote the popularity of hypnosis. Its subsidiary HKNLP Mind-Language Programming Academic Center has also taught NLP courses for many years (click here to enter).

Professional Psychotherapy (Hong Kong) Center is a professional psychotherapy for the general publichypnotherapy andCounseling Servicesorganization. The center is also an internationally recognizedHypnotherapist Coursetraining institute. The center is also a direct authorized institution and has been certified by many societies, includingUniversity of Clinical Health Science,ABP(
British Association of Business Psychologists),IMDHA,IEATA(International Expressive Arts Therapy Association),PBH,NGH,ABH,IBNLP,NF NLPWait.

The center is committed to promoting and popularizing psychotherapy and hypnosis theory to daily life, so that more people can understand and understand how to deal with mental health problems.

The purpose of the center is to apply psychotherapy and hypnosis in a more "professional" way in life. The center is committed to creating different hypnosis teaching modes. Students can choose suitable hypnosis courses from simple to deep, including: online courses, face-to-face courses and one-to-one hypnosis courses to ensure that students can learn, understand and apply 24 hours a day Hypnosis makes hypnosis more "close to the ground" and "personalized application" in Hong Kong.



Hypnotherapy/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Construct the subconscious mind and find the source of the problem

Systematic personal exploration and problem-solving, through in-depth exploration of the client's subconscious, to understand the root of the client's problem, so as to work together with the client to formulate effective solutions to achieve the desired effect of the client.


artistic coaching

At the individual and collective levels, integrate different expressive art media, make good use of inner resources, promote self-understanding, self-awareness, creativity and self-healing ability.


Mind-Body-Spirit Courses and Workshops

The course expects students to have the ability to heal themselves after completion. As a bridge between the user and the body, mind and culture, they can also give back their own experience in the classroom to those around them and inspire each other.

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