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ABP is a member of the Association of British Business Psychologists (ABP) (the association is the largest registration institution for business psychologists in the UK), and this course is issued by ABP business psychologists.

ABP, NFNLP & IBNLP Practitioner Certificate Program

Introduction to NLP Hypnotist Intro


NLPIt is a kind of applied psychology, it is a kind of conversation skill to communicate with others.


Ma Yun once said: "NLP is a super powerful communication technology. I use it all the time in program interviews and in all aspects of life."

Former U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, the richest man in the world and the famous American entrepreneur Bill Gates also have NLP behind their advisory groups and speeches Experts offer advice.

NLPIt is an efficient communication method that can also resolve various conflicts, just like one communication program after another, which is applied in all walks of life.

In terms of clinical experience, they combined the four masters of communication and therapy in the United States at that time ── Gregory Bateson (in the field of social/behavioral science), Erickson (Milton Erickson), and Satir (Virginia Satir) and Fritz Pearls (Gestalt Therapy).

NLPAppropriate modification, development, and through strategic guidance and imitation, you can quickly learn anything and use the essence to excel.


According to conservative estimates, the UK currently has more than250,000 peopleOnceAccept NLP course training.

According to a study by Fortune 500 in the United States: "In successful companies, more than 80% of the executives have learned NLP and other technologies to improve operational performance and explore the potential of employees." In a word, NLP is A set of tools that help people help themselves quickly and efficiently.

Alvin Wong 
Senior Business Development Manager (Recruitment Services)
Fast And Brilliant HR Group 

Outstanding students share:

After graduating from university, Mr. Huang has been busy with work. A few years ago, due to excessive work pressure and the desire to improve communication skills, he had better coordination with his subordinates. Due to his busy schedule, he enrolled in PBH, NGH and University of Clinical Health SciencePrivate One-to-One Lessons, and then enroll in the IMDHA course on hypnosis deepening. He has successively obtained the certificates of University of Clinical Health Science Professional Certification and Professional Diploma.

Later, he also participated in our IBNLP course. In a few years, he led the company from a company with less than ten employees to a company employing thousands of people, and the company's ig parttimehk followers also increased from tens of thousands to more than 180,000.

Alvin Wong: "After learning hypnosis, I not only improved my communication skills and skills in getting along with others, I also applied hypnosis and NLP skills to the development of the company. There is further development. I am very grateful to the instructor of Professional Psychotherapy (Hong Kong), who made me understand the importance of hypnosis and NLP comprehensively and systematically.”

(The information of the parties is owned by the center, and the parties agree to publish it, but it is not allowed to be reproduced on other websites)

If you want to know more reports and member sharing,Please click here to learn more

NLP course structure

Hypnosis Training Instructor

​ Hypnotherapy Instructor

- NFNLP authorized professional lecturer
​- IBNLP authorized professional lecturer

80 hours
​Professional Certification

  220 hour certification
- NFNLP Associate Membership
​- IBNLP Professional Membership

NLP Reference Ladder

- NLP tutor
- NGH Hypnosis / Hypnotherapist
- ABH Hypnotherapist
​- PBH Hypnotherapist

NLP Senior Practitioner

NLP Practitioner

course features Course Characteristics


1. Graduates of this course can obtainUKIBNLP and American NFNLP Society - Executive Certificate. Those who pass the examination can also obtainPractitioner certificate issued by our center and ABP registered psychologist.

2. IBNLP, NFNLP, and ABP are international accreditation institutions that focus on research and certification of new psychotherapy.

3. Those who ask for leave during the course can make up the class, and those who have completed the course have the right to retrain.

4. After graduation from this course, you are eligibleExemption from taking NFNLP Master and lecturer courses.

5. This course ismultiple authenticationAfter completing the requirements of this course and the specified internship requirements, you can apply for additional exemption from examinations:

    Canadian Hypnotist Association PBH Registered Hypnotherapist Certificate .

6. Excellent graduates of this course can participate in the treatment work with their tutors, and practice in our center under the guidance of their tutors.

7. Students who enroll in the courses of this association can retake the class for free within one year. (Need to contact the instructor first)

8. This course has a communication platform for old students and new students. Students can regularly participate in sharing sessions and communicate with different students.

9. If you have further questions about hypnosis, please refer to theHypnosis Q&A.

10.Courses are taught entirely by business psychologists.


The regular holiday classes from February to March are full

The regular holiday classes from April to May are full

June-July regular holiday classes are full

The regular holiday classes from August to September are full

The quota for the special class from July to September is full

The regular holiday classes from October to December are full


Enrollment for online courses. Provide 24-hour online courses and support.

​Please ask the staff for details.

NFNLP and IBNLP Applied Certificate Courses

Certificate 2022 Course Schedule

Independent online course login system. 24-hour learning is also convenient for students to review the past and learn the new.(Click here to learn more)


​NLP practitioner certificate issued by HPHI X HKNLP X ABP psychologist


For more information, also see:

Course targets Course Objectives 


1.   Potential development: change the subconscious mind, copy successful thoughts, and brain development.

2.   Treatment of physical discomfort caused by psychological trauma, anxiety, fear, tension, etc.

3.   Physical and mental regulation: relax and relieve stress, overcome fear, improve self-confidence, regulate emotions, and help sleep.

4.   Beauty and slimming: hypnosis for breast enlargement, hypnosis for weight loss, improvement of skin, and enhancement of charm.

5.   Ability improvement: Improve IQ, EQ and memory, enhance creativity and inspiration.

6.   Change bad habits: get rid of smoking, alcohol, drugs, Internet addiction, and sexual addiction.

7.   Overcome hyperactivity, overdependence and bad temper, etc.

8.   Psychotherapy: auxiliary treatment of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, insomnia, anxiety, fear, etc.


Why choose us? Six features of the course:

1. The most cost-effective courses of the same type. Our courses are all taught by doctoral supervisors, psychologists and social workers. The instructor also has many years of practical experience in NLP. The ​ course is specially designed for busy people, but it does not hinder the professional certification of students in NLP. We have set up a 40-hour online review course with flexible time and free make-up classes to ensure that students Get to know NLP.

2. In addition to following the course design of NFNLP and psychologists, all the notes of this certificate course are in Chinese and English, and are also translated by the tutor of our center. The notes have more than 300 pages and are authentic. When enrolling in the course, the original teaching materials and videos of the founder of NFNLP will be presented as gifts. After completing the course, you can also obtain a registration certificate issued by NFNLP (US), IBNLP (UK) and HPHI X ABP psychologists, and this course is also a unique certificate course in Hong Kong that cooperates with the United Kingdom and the United States to comprehensively enhance the professionalism of students It is convenient for students to connect with the center's in-depth courses and tutor courses. Students can also participate in our graduation group after graduation, and regularly hold exchange activities, free of charge, to achieve lifelong learning. Students can also start related careers after completing the course.

3. Our center has an exclusive online and face-to-face teaching mode, which is rare in Hong Kong. In addition to taking online courses, students can also take our physical examinations, or choose to participate in private courses. The class time is flexible.

4. Courses are available 24 hours a day.

5. The instructor has more than ten years of experience in NLP and front-line counseling. The instructors all pay attention to the practice and popularization of the application of NLP. The center has published more than four NLP textbooks, which are available in major bookstores. For details, you can also ask the staff of the center .

6. After completing this course, students can also enroll in the hypnosis deepening class and NLP course at a discounted price and supplementary time, and obtain other certification qualifications, including: certificates issued by ABH, NGH, PBH, IMDHA, University of Clinical Health Science, Internationally recognized qualifications.

ABP Member 600.png

Membership No: 6509 

Course inquiry and registration

Success! Message received.

1) Check with the Center for course vacancies first.

*Please provide true and accurate information

*for future application for certificates
















2) The course instructor will take the initiative to contact the students

    and provide course content and other materials.

3) The student pays and provides a receipt.

4) The center will provide class details after confirmation.

Confirmed by the tutor himself.

* Please refer to the above for the class time of each course

"2022 Course Schedule"



Course content Course Content

You will learn:

  • About NLP – Questions and Answers about NLP

  • Work Integrity – Working with Integrity

  • Sensory Acuity – Sensory Acuity

  • NLP Efficacy – Why NLP Works

  • Eye Movements – Eye Movements

  • Representational Systems – Representational Systems

  • Predicates – Predicates

  • Sense and Nonsense

  • Witch Brew

  • Sub Modality Distinctions – Sub modality Distinctions

  • Cross map – Mapping Across

  • Sensory Perceptual Strategies – Sensory Perceptual Strategies

  • NLP and RAS theory – Theory Of NLP & RAS

  • Sensory Acuity – Sensory Acuity and Rapport

  • Mirror Neurons – Mirror Neurons

  • The main premise of the NLP framework – Major Presuppositions of NLP & Frames

  • Introducing the Meta Model – Introducing the Meta Model

  • Information Gathering – Information Gathering

  • Exquisite Information Gathering – Exquisite Info Gathering

  • Body language – Body Language

  • Fixed resource addition – Anchoring Anchoring and Adding a Resource

  • Chaining Anchors – Chaining Anchors

  • Behavior Transfer – Behavior Transfer

  • Changing Personal History – Changing Personal History

  • Re-treatment – Re-parenting

  • Circle of Power – Circle of Power

  • Fast Phobia – Fast Phobia

  • Lost Classic Phobia – Lost Classic Phobia

  • How to Mend a Broken Heart – How to Mend a Broken Heart

  • The Visual Squash

  • New Behavior Generator – The New Behavior Generator

  • Role model – Role Model

  • Whether – Yes NO

  • Swish Pattern – The Swish Pattern

  • Swish Pattern Exercises – Swish Pattern Exercises

  • Computer Swish Exercises – Computer Swish Exercises

  • Godiva Chocolate

  • Advance Godiva

  • Swish

  • Love and Self-Appreciation – Building Self-Appreciation & Love

  • Build self-confidence – Developing Self-Confidence

  • Enhance Awareness – Enhancing Awareness

  • Timeline – Timeline

  • Lie/Truth Exercise – Lie/Truth Exercise

  • Reframing – Reframing

Course suitable for Course Target


Aged 18 or above; Secondary 5 education or one year or more working experience;

Aspiring to engage in psychological counseling/ People who have a preliminary understanding or interest in hypnosis;

This is a life-affecting course that requires students to have a sense of responsibility and a positive learning attitude;

Repeat absentees or latecomers will be asked to withdraw from school.


​HKNLP Academic Center

Professional Psychotherapy (Hong Kong) Centerwholly owned subsidiary of

class schedule Course Arrangement


Teaching language: Cantonese, with some key points supplemented by English vocabulary.

Teaching format: online teaching and real-time face-to-face exercises.

Academic hours: 72Hours tutor face-to-face + practicum

Course fee: regular price $12,880

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_      Offer: $9,00          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_    

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_      80 $80 per person

If students want to take classes and face-to-face exams in the form of online teaching, the course fee is 9800.This course also has private tutors. The mode of participating in private lessons is mainly based on the progress of the students. We also accept free make-up lessons within one year. Participate in private lectures, online courses and large-class lectures at the same time, with flexible time. The teaching goal of the center is that students not only fully understand the authenticity and knowledge of NLP, but also really understand and apply NLP, and become professional NLP practitioners.For details, please contact the center staff of the association. The direct line is 26261828.

*Course includes textbook fee and examination fee

*Certificate fee needs to be paid separately

*Multiple discounts cannot be used at the same time

*The center will give a final explanation on the right to use the price at a discount

HPHI Education: 041-259-20-628112-8 (Chong Hing Bank)

​ FPS:
**If you need to pay by credit card paypal, please contact the staff, and an additional 5% handling fee will be charged.

If you need payme payment, please contact our center staff.
​ Please leave your name, phone number and email in Chinese and English. After entering the number, we will send the electronic receipt to your email, and someone will contact you at the same time. Thanks!

Course Overview
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