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Imagery and Counseling and Hypnotist Certificate Program (PBH)

Expressive Arts and Hypnosis

Executive Course

2021 Class Schedule


In the first half of the year, regular leisure classes are enrolling

Course Code EA1910


*Contact Center Staff for exact class dates*
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courseIntroduction Course Intro

This course utilizes the intermodal medium of art as an interface in psychology, social work, counseling, institutional development, community arts, and education to enhancepersonal growthandsocial transformationto improve people's quality of life. People can connect with their body, emotions, mind and spirit during the creative healing process.
Art media includes visual arts, music, sound, dance, drama, storytelling and creative writing. The therapist will integrate differentimages and symbols, make good use of internal resources, promoteself-knowledge,promoteself conscious,creativityandself-healing ability.

People are trustworthy, resourceful, capable of self- understanding and self-direction, able to make constructive changes, and able to live effective and productive lives. When therapists are able to experience and communicate their reality, support, caring, and nonjudgmental under- standing, significant changes in the client are most likely to occur. - Carl Rogers

course purpose Course Objectives 


The individual’s mastery of different materials and media, the comfort level of the environment when the individual is exploring and creating, the reflection and precipitation of the work and the process after the exploration and creation, etc.


The main focus of this course is to introduce different art media and materials, leading students or visitors to have personal experience, and feel the self-expression, self-understanding and self-exploration under different art media and creative materials, so as to strengthen self-awareness and self-healing ability . This course expects students to have the ability to design different art links after completing the course, as a bridge between users and artistic expression, and can also give back their own experience in the classroom to those around them and inspire each other.

Common media in the expressive arts include: craft creation, painting, music, physical movement, theater, and more.

Course content Course Content

1) Circle Therapy, Five Senses Practical Therapy Group

2) Portrait and self-image adjustment

3) Art Applied Trauma Healing

4) Art inspiration and education for 0-3 years old

5) Body art and body view

6) Psychological development of adolescents and the application of artistic and cultural activities

7) Application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Art and Hypnosis

8) Guidelines for media application and creation (five senses and mindfulness)

9) Basic hypnosis and humanistic therapy theory

10) Practical guidance on the insight process and trust building of helpers

11) Use of Alternative Utility Media

12) Combined Strategies for Family Art Therapy

13) Introduce the application of painting analysis

​14) Guidelines and composition of group therapy

class schedule Course Arrangement


Teaching medium: Cantonese, with some key points supplemented by English vocabulary

Teaching form: group interactive form (within 6 students per class), end-of-term exercises.

Class hours: 9 lessons of 3 hours each, and the course hours will be counted

PBH course presentations, internships and support

Course fee: $13,800 (upper and lower two courses), 12,800 for graduates of this association

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     $500 discount per person for two people traveling together

*Those who pass the end-of-term report speech will receive a certificate issued by the center

*The course includes teaching material fee, examination fee andcertificate fee

*The center will give a final explanation on the right to use the price at a discount

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