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Professional Certificate Courses
Overview of Psychotherapy Courses

course purpose Mission & Vision

Committed to promoting and popularizing psychotherapy and hypnosis theory to daily life,

In order to let more people know and know how to deal with mental health problems.


The Association hopes to help students use positive energy through techniques such as hypnosis and psychotherapy.

Live a happy, wonderful life and grow together.


Improve industry ethics, enhance the professional level of the industry, and refuse to fish in troubled waters.

Professional teachers and course content, diversified teaching materials.

​ Hosted by doctoral supervisors, psychologists, registered social workers and psychotherapists


​ certificate program






art and painting
Analytics Certificate Program






​Body and Mind Workshop


-Mindfulness Practise




Hypnotist Curriculum Structure

​ Learning ladder reference

Basic Hypnotherapy

hypnotherapy cognition



  120-hour certification
- NGH Hypnosis / Hypnotherapist
- ABH Hypnotherapist​
- PBH Hypnotherapist​​
​- University of Clinical Health Science Professional Certificate


​Professional certification

  220 hour certification
- IMDHA Associate Membership
​- IMDHA Professional Membership

200 hours certification
​- PBH Master Certificate

Hypnosis Training Instructor

​ Hypnotherapy Instructor

- Professional lecturer authorized by NGH

​- PBH authorized professional lecturer

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