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Therapy & Counseling

​counseling and therapy

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There are many kinds of modern psychological counseling or psychological counseling methods, common ones include:

Drawing Projection- ProjectingDrawing  

Play Therapy- Play Therapy

Art Therapy- Art Therapy   

Dream Analysis- Interpretation of Dreams

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Speech Therapy - Speech Therapy 

Imagery Communication- Imagery Communication


hypnosisIt is a psychological counseling method often used by clinical psychologists with flexibility, freedom, extensiveness and high lasting influence.The meaning of hypnosis is to help the client explore his subconscious mind, so as to help the client understand the root of the problem.

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Question: Why do many organizations charge for several sessions or the entire counseling session?And advertised immediate effect, but you charge per session?

Answer: Many hypnosis institutions or centers advertise a one-time fee. Our center has never paid a one-off fee for psychological counseling, because the client may feel that hypnosis is not effective for his case. If the one-off payment is not refundable,The client can only perform hypnosis "forcibly", but it may not be effective. Therefore, all counseling in our center is charged per session, and there is no one-time fee or other hidden fees.If hypnosis is not suitable, other methods can also be tried.



The subconscious mind is a consciousness that is hidden deep in the "heart" and cannot be easily expressed in words; when the brain is awake (the brain consciously dominates the body and behavior), the ideas, values and desires that cannot be known or directly expressed.The vast majority of people will only release their subconscious mind when they are "unconscious" or in psychotherapy such as hypnosis, and this process is generally undetectable.



Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy for psychotherapy is a set of systematic personal exploration and problem-solving. Through in-depth exploration of the client's subconscious mind, we can understand the root of the client's problems, and then work together with the client to formulate effective solutions to achieve the desired effect of the client.Long-term and sufficiently deep hypnotherapy can also change the subconscious mind to solve problems with the client's consent.


In addition, a person's subconscious mind is related to the degree of brain development. In fact, most people only use 3-5% of their brain's overall capacity. While hypnosis calls out the subconscious mind, it can also stimulate the use of the normally undeveloped parts of the brain, gradually increasing the brain's potential. From the perspective of hypnosis, human potential is infinite. According to the determination and acceptance of the hypnotized person, through appropriate induction and psychological counseling techniques, people's potential can be infinitely inspired. The improvement of thinking ability, memory, logic ability, adaptability and resistance to adversity are all manifestations of the improvement of brain potential.



Scope of Therapy


(1) Stress problems: insomnia, unexplained pain, muscle tension, etc.

(2) Addiction problems: drug addiction, alcohol addiction, smoking addiction, Internet addiction, gambling addiction, binge eating disorder, sexual addiction and shopaholics, etc.

(3) Negative emotions: depression, anxiety, compulsion, and fear, etc.

(4) Personal ability improvement: increase positive energy, inspire potential, enhance self-confidence, etc.

(5) Interpersonal issues: parents, children, friends, colleagues, partners, etc.



Suitable Services Targets


(1) People with a certain degree of hypnotic sensitivity can make an appointment with a hypnotist in our center for a test

(2) Those who have received counseling or drug treatment but still cannot get help

(3) Cases of resistance to traditional psychotherapy

(4) Cases recommended and referred by psychologists



TOLL charge

First consultation fee:    $1980/ within 2 hours (fee includes one or two therapists)

* For those who receive consultation for the first time, they will receive an emotional support book with more than 160 pages, which comprehensively provides some self-help methods, and the content is all written by the center.

Subsequent general cases are charged according to the service hours:   $950/ 1 hour 
Welcome to call 26261828/ WhatsApp 9309831720 minutes freeconsult.

Specified case fee:  

      _cc781905-5cde.136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde.136bad5cf58d_Dream analysis:   $3,600 / 3 hours

      _cc781905-5cde-3194-f6b3adb_Back in time:  $3,900 / 3 hours

      _cc781905-5cde.13f358b3adb_Addiction treatment: $1200/hour (about 1 hour per session)

*All charges are finalized according to the consultation between the client and the psychotherapist
*Because there are a certain number of reservations, according to the principle of fairness, the center needs to prepay the full amount of the fee at least one day in advance with a deposit, so that the company can reserve the venue and manpower. Once confirmed, no refund will be made (if there are special circumstances, the center will have discretion) deal with.)

*Please contact our center for details

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**If you need to pay by credit card paypal, Alipay, WECHAT PAY, please contact the staff, an additional 5% handling fee will be charged.
Please leave your name, phone number and email in Chinese and English. After entering the number, we will send the electronic receipt to your email, and someone will contact you at the same time. Thanks!












Ye Yunyan Faye

(Women's World Table Tennis Champion)


Ye won the mixed doubles championship at the 2016 World Table Tennis Championships. In 2004, she was introduced by a friend to seek guidance from the Hong Kong team star Au Zhiwei, and won the Hong Kong Women's Snooker Open Championship in less than two months. Later, he was selected as the "Most Promising Athlete in Hong Kong" and the champion of the 2010 Asian Games table tennis team. In just a few decades, he has grown from amateur to professional with extraordinary strength.


Behind the sweat of every athlete, there is tremendous pressure, but Ye has always maintained a positive attitude to face and overcome every hurdle.She has never been in contact with hypnosis, and she is curious about hypnosis. After several times of hypnosis by the hypnotist in our center, she felt that hypnosis is faster and more effective than traditional counseling. Yeh affirmed the effect of hypnosis on improving psychological quality and enhancing self-confidence. She also believed that hypnosis is a kind of self-release and Fang Song A method to help adjust emotions and thoughts, and keep yourself in the best state.


(For Ye Yunyan's personal resume, please refer to the news of major newspapers. The information of the person concerned belongs to the center and himself, and shall not be reproduced)

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