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We believe art is not just merely about training of patience and observations, it is a holistic approach that allows all rounded development. Through the use of western teaching methods, such as positive teaching and confidence in experimentation, while adapting it to the local community, we aim at cultivating both their artistic talent and emotional awareness.





Stage 感官運動期

  1. Progressive

  2. Self-expression

  3. Appropriate

  4. Interactive

age 2-3 (感官培養)


-感官遊戲 Sensory Play
-自然塗鴉 Messy Painting
-早教工具繪畫訓練 Rocks doodles training
-故事及邏輯整合活動Stories and matching exercises
-混色概念及圖像轉換 Shape movement games and colour mixing


Stage 前運思階段

  1. Creativity

  2. Imagination

  3. Self-discovery

  4. Independence

age 3-5 (自我表達)

-每月一個主題, 以學生對主題探索後的想法實踐於創作上
Monthly theme, art practice through the kids own idea and expression on the topic
Encourage children's Self-motivation on learning and all courses design are mainly focus on children's need and let them enjoy the process of making art
-小組討論形式上課, 培養良好溝通和表達技巧
Group discussion for better communication skills
-平面與立體作品元素指導, 平衡發展各項媒體運用能力及基本藝術理論(基本色彩學, 構圖設計, 腦激盪方法)
All-rounded art training and direction (colour theory, design elements, brainstorming)

Concrete Operational Stage 具體運思階段

1. Explicitly connects

    theory and practice

​2. Focusing on

    contemporary issues

3. Style developing

age 6-9 (認識與實踐)
age 10-12 (建立個人風格)

Brief discussion on artists influences in contemporary art field
Individual art practice, media experiments
Style development and analysis
Individual tutorial and concept development


Formal Operational Stage 形式運思階段

1. Abstract reasoning 


2. Critical abilities


3. Qualitative thinking


age 12 up (邏輯思維轉化抽象思維)



Deductive reasoning obtain and abstract ideas understanding

Multiple potential solutions finding 


Systematic planing about hypothetical situations and scientific thought


Proportional reasoning development
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