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We believe art is not just merely about training of patience and observations, it is a holistic approach that allows all rounded development. Through the use of western teaching methods, such as positive teaching and confidence in experimentation, while adapting it to the local, commun we aim at cultivating both their artistic talent and emotional awareness.


Art is not only the exercise of patience and observation, but also the development of the whole person. By cultivating a positive, confident and autonomous Western-style learning method,

Coupled with observation and adaptation to society, build up children's artistic talent and emotional awareness.


stage sensory motor phase

  1. Progressive

  2. Self-expression

  3. Appropriate

  4. Interactive

age 2-3  (sensory culture)


-Sensory Play
- Natural Graffiti Messy Painting
-Early education tool drawing training Rocks doodles training
-Stories and matching exercises
-Shape movement games and color mixing


Stage preoperational stage

  1. Creativity

  2. Imagination

  3. Self-discovery

  4. Independence

age 3-5  (self-expression)

- One theme per month, with students' ideas after exploring the theme practiced in creation
Monthly theme, art practice through the kids own idea and expression on the topic
-Self-directed learning, focusing on the process, taking children's self-selection as the foundation of creation
Encourage children's Self-motivation on learning and all courses design are mainly focus on children's need and let them enjoy the process of making art
-Take classes in the form of group discussions to develop good communication and presentation skills
Group discussion for better communication skills
- Guidance on the elements of two-dimensional and three-dimensional works, balanced development of the ability to use various media and basic art theory (basic color science, composition design, brainstorming methods)
All-rounded art training and direction (colour theory, design elements, brainstorming)

Concrete Operational Stage Concrete Operational Stage

1. Explicitly connects

    theory and practice

​2. Focusing on

    contemporary issues

3. Style development

age 6-9 (knowledge and practice)
age 10-12 (build personal style)

-Contemporary Art Media Application
Brief discussion on artists influences in contemporary art field
-Independent creation, cultivating personal creativity and experience
Individual artpractice, media experiments
-Establishment and practice of personal artistic style
Style development and analysis
- Art creation skills guidance
Individual tutorial and concept development


Formal Operational Stage formal thinking stage

1. Abstract reasoning 


2. Critical abilities


3. Qualitative thinking


age 12 up (logical thinking transforms into abstract thinking)



-Acquire abstract thinking skills
Deductive reasoning obtain and abstract ideas understanding

- Draw conclusions from available information  
Multiple potential solutions finding 

- Use deductive logic as a method for systematic problem solving

Systematic planing about hypothetical situations and scientific thought

​- Generation of proportional thinking

Proportional reasoning development
The center also provides art guidance for children, emotional support, drawing analysis for children and teenagers,
Creativity and thinking development, artistic growth-oriented services, etc.,
Contact for details(852) 6556 6194Miss Ruan.
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